Monday, October 24, 2016

three pony afternoon

Because maybe some of you need more ponies. I do.

three friends

This is perhaps the Gen 1 Sparkleated version of the Cutie Mark Crusaders - earth pony, pegasus, unicorn (left to right).

I've said before I loooooooove the sparkle ponies, and I especially love the sparkle baby ponies. (I think there is one more of these that I don't have. Maybe if I ever see her for a good price, but maybe not. I'm content with the three I have now).

They are: Starflower (orange earth pony), Firefly (pink pegasus), and Gusty (yellow unicorn).  All their cutie marks are vaguely cosmic (Well, Firefly's is a kite, but the colors coordinate). Starflower's looks like the "atom" symbol rather than a literal Starflower (That's what **I** learned as Starflower but I see borage can also go by that name).

I dunno. I just like how the three of them sort of match, and how they look cute together. Three of almost anything is cuter than one of something....

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