Sunday, October 09, 2016

getting nesty time

Though I guess it's going to warm up again (wharrrgarrrblll) later this week.

At any rate: I love fall and I welcome the coming of cooler weather, of not paying a mint to O G and E to keep my house an acceptable temperature, feeling like I want to cook hot food again, being able to change over from my summer wardrobe (which I am heartily tired of) to my winter one.

I filled the birdfeeders for the first time today. Birds were coming and sitting on the pole where they hang and looking in the living room, though now I wonder - after going out there and looking around - if it wasn't that they were coming to check out the nearly-ripe yaupon holly berries (Birds are fond of those, and it looks like there's a big crop of them this year).

I also changed my bed.

I showed the big blanket last night, here are the new sheets:

new sheets

I was slightly discombobulated to learn these are 100% polyester. I have always ever only used cotton sheets. (I suppose that was why they were fairly cheap).

We'll see, but my concerns are two-fold:

1. They will be too hot and will get icky and sweaty.
2. They won't wear as well as cotton.

(And this is what frustrates me about so much of modern life: I guess I'm unusual in that I'd rather pay more for something of better quality and NOT HAVE TO REPLACE IT IN TWO YEARS. I daresay the "disposable culture" is more expensive - where you have to replace stuff because it breaks or wears out fast - than paying more for something of superior quality would be. But I guess most people get bored with stuff fast enough they are happy to get rid of it. I'm weird in that way. I hang on to stuff until it totally wears out - I still have a sweater that dates to the mid-1980s and I still wear it even though I've had to fix a few moth holes in it through the years)

But, meh. We'll see. If they're just way too hot to use, I may wind up donating them somewhere that takes "gently used" stuff - I know I tend to "run hotter" than a lot of people do. (I don't like flannel sheets, which I know are wildly popular in winter, because they get too warm close to my body).

One thing they have done with these that is kind of genius and I wonder why OTHER sheets don't have it - they have little tags sewn to the hem (casing) on the fitted sheet, that say "Top or bottom" and "side" - so you can tell at a glance. As someone who's tried to put a fitted sheet on the "wrong" way because it's too hard to tell - I appreciate this and am now considering doing something similar to my cotton sheets, maybe even just taking a stitch of appropriately-colored floss on each side (Teal for "top or bottom" and salmon for "side" - yes, it's subtle but I might remember it better than blue and red or blue and yellow)

I SUPPOSE it's because it's a line aimed at kids, and "We want to make it easy for kids to make their beds" but honestly, why not make it easy for adults, too? We tend to have less free time than kids do to be doing things like flipping sheets around.

And here's the bed made up. (Not shown: the big fluffy blanket which I'm just going to use as a top-dressing, so it's easy to remove if I wake up too warm)


And that's not even, ahem, the "full catastrophe" of stuffed animals that go on there. (Yes, I admit I have a problem). But I sleep better with them around and it doesn't hurt anyone, so? (You can see I still have the giant Judy Hopps I bought earlier in the fall). Not shown are most of the Ponies; most of the population of my "stuffed headboard" these days is ponies of different types. (And there's Harry the bear and Cheese-kun....)

I hope we actually get a winter this year. Not that I want ice storms but I would like a run of normal cold weather.

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