Saturday, October 08, 2016

fluffy and new

So, the "treats" were kind of things I needed, but still a treat.

One thing I needed was a full-bed-sized blanket to put under my quilt on extra cold nights. I also kind of needed a new set of sheets.

I discovered at Target, their "Treefort" brand (which is aimed at kids but hush up) sells "full" sized sheets (what I call a "double bed"). Which is what I have. So I now have a set of "Forest Friends" sheets that I just need to wash up to ready for the next sheet-changing tomorrow night.

And then this. The perfect fuzzy blankie /Jedi robe/portable blanket fort:

"This is not the person whom you seek. You can move along now."

I think I'm in a slightly nesty mood now that it's cooled down to temperatures slightly less than that of the devil's armpit.

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CGHill said...

That facial expression is priceless. :)