Friday, September 23, 2016

Name and backstory

While eating dinner, the phrase "Danger floof" popped into my head (reference here, warning, contains snake and spider pictures as well as animals).

Anyway, the unicorn's name is now Ellie Dangerfloof. And she has a backstory: she is an agent on Their Majesties'* Secret Service. She LOOKS sweet and innocent, but that's part of her cover. Her unicorn magic is her weapon - she can use it for (non-lethal, this is Equestria after all) force against would-be wrong-doers - imprisoning them in a forcefield bubble, or levitating them, or making any weapon they might have useless against other ponies.

(*Celestia and Luna, of course)

Yes: "Dangerfloof. ELLIE Dangerfloof." She started out in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns but quickly progressed, and then wound up at the Secret Dark Magic Defense Academy, where she honed her skills. She has a near-eidetic memory and the power to eat mass quantities of junkfood without gaining weight.** Her weaknesses are foals, birds, and early mornings.

It's funny - it's been a long time since a purchased stuffed toy inspired this kind of vivid backstory.

(** Yes, inspired slightly by Ellie Bishop on NCIS, which is where I got the Ellie name)

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CGHill said...

I would be surprised if Their Majesties didn't have a Secret Dark Magic Defense Academy.