Sunday, September 25, 2016

A little happiness

I mentioned that I had hung up the shelf I bought (back in February!) to display some of my extra blindbag ponies. Yesterday afternoon I installed the Ponies in it. It took a little while sorting through the box of extras to pick out the ones I most wanted for the shelf.

There's a set of the Mane 6 scattered throughout it, mostly in glitterated form. (I LIKE the glitterated ponies, even if they are less show-realistic). I don't have a glitter! Fluttershy so she's just regular old (Rainbow-Dash-mold) Fluttershy, but Princess Twilight is glitterated, as is Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Rarity and Pinkie are from a more recent run where the glitter is *embedded* rather than sprayed on (and therefore perhaps a bit more aesthetically appealing).

Beyond that, I went heavily for the one-off molds - my spare (glittery) Snails is there, and one of the nurse-ponies. I even found a spot for the tiny little figure of Smarty Pants.

pony shelf

Here are some close ups.

pony close up 1

There's Smarty Pants! (And Neon Wave Granny Smith....)

And more:

pony close up 2

This kind of thing makes me ridiculously happy. I've always liked arranging stuff, ever since I was a kid. (I also loved doll's houses when I was a kid, the whole idea of arranging the little furniture and accessories). I suppose it's perhaps a desire for order, and perhaps control.

And yeah, as soon as I got this done I thought, "If you could find another shelf like this, or a printer's tray, you could put it up next to this, and put up even more of the ponies" Shut up, brain. (Except that's not a terrible idea, really. I enjoy having these on display.

I also worked some on Starbuck. It looks really narrow in this photo and I'm hoping it's because it's all crowded up on the needle and that it will fit when I finish it. It seems like the shoulders should from holding it up next to me....

Starbuck in progress

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