Friday, September 23, 2016

The weekend begins

or, Das Wochenende beginnt.

(I am definitely getting better at German, I can tell it when I practice Duolingo - I don't even have to stop and think about some verbs any more).

I DID go down to the little downtown (well, what's left of it - still mourning the quilt shop). I went to the new antique place which was nice but didn't have anything that really grabbed me so I didn't buy anything. There was one "whatnot" I contemplated as "might that be a good home for my G1 Ponies" but it was kind of low and would have to sit on the floor somewhere, and it would be hard to see them on it....I think I will need a wall shelf for them.

I also went to the little gourmet shop. Bought a jar of peach honey (as in: from bees whose hive is kept in a peach orchard) which should be good. I've been making biscuits occasionally off of a simple recipe from the Farm Journal Bread Book and I'm thinking fresh biscuits and peach honey would be a good dessert some night.

And I bought a couple of bath fizzies figuring they are a fairly cheap luxury and taking a warm bath with Epsom salt or something that helps my dry skin is a good form of self-care.

I also spotted several items that would potentially make good Christmas gifts for hard-to-buy-for people in my life, so I will go back down there as Thanksgiving gets closer (I see my brother and his family then, so we pass gifts to each other for Christmas then). Also they do free giftwrapping, so I can get them pre-wrapped. (provided TSA doesn't co-opt Amtrak and start making people open all their luggage....)

I also went to the little gifty type shop that a friend of mine from AAUW runs. Found a super nice card for my niece (which I will mail from the post office, in hopes of avoiding any potential card thieves). It's one of those "3-D" cards that folds out to make a little scene - this one has different zoo animals on it, and she's crazy about animals, so she will enjoy it, I bet.

And I got myself a little present. They had some stuffed toys including a very cute white unicorn. I debated it (I don't NEED more stuffed animals, don't really have room for more, and just the other day I was contemplating starting the "G4 style" version of Minty I want to do). But in the end, I couldn't resist. As I was paying for my stuff, my friend asked, "Oh, is the unicorn for your niece?" (I suppose she might have offered to gift wrap it, I think they do free wrapping as well)

"No," I said, slightly embarrassed, "It's for me."

And then she chuckled and said she had a teddy-bear collection, so....

(I might not have 'fessed up other than that she is someone who knows me)

But now I am faced with the question of a name. I'm pretty sure Unicorn is a girl, but what name?

I thought of Ermentrude (I kind of have a thing for the weird old royalty names, but that one doesn't fit). She's not quite an Ellie, either, which was another name I thought of. Marshmallow? Perhaps. Maybe some other sweet white food? I don't like Meringue as a name. Fluff?

She's colored a bit like Twinkleshine from My Little Pony, but I'm not crazy about that name either. I will have to keep thinking.

Eierauflauf? Which would be a Germanic name (it means something like a souffle - literally, "eggs run amok") and it's a word I've liked since I learned it.

Or maybe Floof? I kind of like Floof.

Though she might still actually be an Ellie. Gonna have to think about it.

Yeah, maybe Ellie.

(Nope, never gonna outgrow stuffed animals. I think it's too late at this point.)

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