Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Back to sweater

I pulled out Starbuck again last night. After a few moments of "????" (I really need to mark on my paper patterns where I leave off on things), I figured out where I was and was able to motor along again.

I'm making the sleeves just a FEW stitches wider (adding more rows) because I have big beefy arms muscular arms and I don't like tight sleeves. Also, I intend to wear this at least over a t-shirt (partly so I don't feel like I have to wash it every single time I wear it, but partly because the classrooms fluctuate wildly in temperature and on any given day I may teach in a room that is 60F and one that is 85F)

It's pleasing, though. I like knitting in the round, I like making fine-gauge things (even though they take longer, to me, they suit my style and body type better). The striping pattern is nice and I think I chose attractive colors (the oyster and ice blue) for it.

I have mid-fall break next week and I am hoping my friend Laura will still be free to meet up in Longview to go shopping. (If she isn't, I probably won't go to Longview - that's awfully far to go just for myself. To meet up with a friend, yes, I am happy to make that drive - but these days, "just for myself," not so much. Also, it seems Whitesboro has quite a few interesting things and I've never been there, so that's the alternate plan if Laura is not free).

If she IS free, I may find myself looking at the fine gauge yarns, again with sweaters on the mind. I wonder how Noro Kureyon Sock would work up into a sweater or sweater vest? (That reminds me: I need to drag out my Silk Garden Sportweight vest and finish it up. I put it aside when it got to the point of not being good invigilating knitting any more and forgot about it. I think I just have to do the divides for the front, knit up the "straps" of the vest, and then do the neckline and arm bands.)

Now if it would just CONSISTENTLY cool down so I could start wearing a few of my sweaters...

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