Tuesday, October 06, 2015

And that's done

Nothing needing immediate attention; there was a "spot" on "lingual five" (I think that's what he said) that bears watching but is too small to determine if it's a stain or something starting.

Note to self in future (though hopefully this will not apply for too many more years): try to avoid scheduling dental work, even checkups, when premenstrual. I have lower tolerance for discomfort and more anxiety. And yeah, at one point I was wanting to crawl out from under the hygienist's hands and run - just too many sharp metal things close to my gums and tongue.

Also I get tartar like whoa, despite brushing twice daily, flossing daily, and now, using an allegedly anti-tartar mouthwash. (My former dentist, back in Illinois, said that some people are apparently just genetically predisposed to more tartar). The sonication is still not fun. I tolerate the manual scraping better but they have to do SOME sonication. (Also, she claims that's how they get the stains off: drinking tea stains my teeth and now I wonder, "Is it worth giving up tea to avoid ever having to be sonicated again" but I suspect I still would, even if I gave up tea.)

And my students doing soil tests for their research project in my absence didn't blow themselves or the lab up (not that that's likely with the tests they were doing) in my absence.

But yeah, now I'm tired. If I were a drinking woman I'd go home and pop open a cider but I'm not. I might make a cup of hot cocoa before bed though.

This has been a very long day even if it started out with good news.

I do need to try to make a little progress on writing next week's exam though, so I can't blow out of here and go stare at cartoons until I calm down, sadly.

It was also really cold at the dentist's; I don't know if they just had the AC off and the heat not on yet and it got cold in there and stayed cold, or if they cranked the AC extra. I'm sure the hygienists and dentist get warm running around but I admit I was bordering on uncomfortable. (though that is part of being premenstrual for me: I feel cold sometimes.)

I'm glad I have left over chili in the fridge so dinner will be easy tonight.

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