Tuesday, October 06, 2015

First of three?

Superstition says that "bad things come in threes."

Well, could maybe GOOD things come in threes? If so, I hope so, and hopefully this morning's event was the first of a three:

I came in today to an e-mail from the editor of the journal I submitted my little soil invertebrate paper to. PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE. (that means: acceptance provided I make the suggested changes - there are 10 given but several of them are extremely minor wording issues; the biggest one is that I need to reformat my tables, which will take some effort but is totally doable).

This wasn't EXACTLY a long shot journal (my state's Academy of Sciences proceedings) but as I am not actually an expert on this sort of thing (though there are relatively few true experts out there), I was afraid one of my reviewers would turn out to be Experty McSoilinvertebrates and would sink my paper as having not up-to-date methodology or something I didn't know about.

So I'm relieved.

As I said on Twitter: for those of us who are not superstar researchers, a provisional acceptance - especially one with as few revisions as this one seems to need - is as good as it gets.

If I get the revisions in by the end of the month, it will come out in "this year's" issue (usually comes out in January of the following year, so January 2016).


I also have a dental check up this afternoon and I'll just say now: a clean tooth bill-of-health would make a dandy second good thing. (Not that I'm having any problems, in fact, of late, the sinus-related pain has been less than it was. I think last year I had an extremely persistent sinus infection that messed with the roots of my teeth). Have also been using a mouthwash that alleges anti-tartar and anti-gingivitis properties in addition to brushing and flossing, so hopefully I'm good. 


Edited to add: I probably shouldn't let myself be so swayed by external events, but for serious, this was my mood this morning before I came in and checked my e-mail:

And this was my mood after reading of the paper acceptance:

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Kucki68 said...

In German there is the saying "Aller guten Dinge sind drei." So for us good things come in threes. Congrats on the paper acceptance!