Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Well, that's done

Blood has been drawn. Because it's apparently an in-house lab, hopefully I'll know within a day or two whether everything is okay.

(The one not-okay thing that would be easily enough fixed: my iron could be low. It has been before. But then again, given the volume of spinach I eat....)

You can be proud of me; I drove past one of the town's donut shops on my way home and didn't stop - I'm sitting here at home waiting for my oatmeal to cool. I DID compromise by putting a tablespoon of molasses (the first actual sweetener other than stevia I've had in a week) in it (I like molasses. I know some people think it tastes strong but I like it).

Here's hoping everything comes out good. I'm enough of a hypchondriac to think not just of elevated blood sugar but also ALT wonkiness or other bad things that will send me on a journey to get diagnosed.

The thing is, I feel fine. My health is probably as good as it's ever been. But I'll be happier if I get that chipper phone call saying, "See you in January".


Sitting at home, eating my oatmeal. Hear a very loud BANG.

Go outside and look around, see nothing at first.....then see that a large tree limb came down on my roof. Does not appear to have damaged it, and the only other thing in its way was the electric line to the garage - but the door still opens, so that can't be damaged. So I can wait on dealing with it until I get the tree guy out to trim the trees this fall.

But I admit the worrier side of me is going "I hope this isn't the first of one of those three-bad-things series...."

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Lynn said...

I like molasses too, especially the smell of it. It's a sort of odd, strong smell and it smells "old-fashioned" somehow. It's hard to explain but I definitely have a positive emotional reaction to the smell of molasses.