Saturday, March 07, 2015

My Birthday (observed)

Because last weekend was snowy and awful, and because the university closed at noon on my birthday because of it, and because Wednesday of this week (a day on which classes were cancelled for a prior reason) was snowy and awful and I couldn't get out.....I am taking today to go antiquing and go to the JoAnn's (and I even have a LIST! so I won't forget stuff I want to buy this time when I get distracted by some other shiny thing) and I'm going to do a bit of grocery shopping. (Note to self: not too much ahead as you are going on Spring Break starting on Friday)

I'm trying not to feel guilty about not working today. But I feel like, I got cheated out of going to have fun, I didn't even get to go out for a meal for my birthday, so.

I may also take some time this evening and watch Big Hero 6, which I've been looking forward to but haven't had time to sit down and watch.

Like so many other things in adulthood, it's hard to figure out the best way to celebrate birthdays. In my case especially, with no spouse to take me out to dinner and no kids to give me hand-drawn cards...and no big posse of friends who go clubbing....

(Not that I'd WANT, even remotely, to go clubbing for my birthday, even if there were clubs here. But that seems to be how single women on tv do it)

What I like though is going antiquing and maybe out to lunch and to pick up some craft stuff and maybe a few nice bits of food for the coming week. In  an ideal world I'd be going to McKinney for this (and McKinney now has a Trader Joe's, so I am told), but construction is still going on around there and I just can't deal with interstate-construction traffic (and not of the magnitude I remember it from McKinney).

Someone on ITFF (I think it was) suggested the concept of a birthday WEEK, the idea being, because most working people don't get to enjoy a day off on their birthday, they just take the nearest day they do have off....and another person suggested Birthdaymas, which was a concept where  you got to celebrate as many days around your birthday as you were years old. (That seems....a bit much to me. But I'm having to do Birthday Week + 1 day, I guess.)

And I've been promised a birthday cake (well, a compromise-cake, with what my dad wants too, as his birthday is Friday) when I get up to my parents' for Spring Break.

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