Thursday, February 05, 2015

this isn't good

For some undisclosed reason, we've been having "network outages" on campus off and on, starting yesterday afternoon. They're continuing this morning.

Normally, this would not be a big deal to me - I already submitted the early-semester reports I had to submit, my course webpages are updated. But. I just had a student in with questions on the paper due tomorrow, and they noted they "could not get to JSTOR last night." (This is a brief, 3-5 page paper)

Crud. So I'm probably going to have at least one "I couldn't finish my paper because the Internet was down" complaint. I never know what to do about this. My natural inclination is to go, "You had two weeks plus to do this. I told you to start early because you never know what obstacles lurk." When I was a student - well, when I was a student there WAS no JSTOR, as I've said, so I budgeted a couple of library days to just FIND and PHOTOCOPY the resources I needed. But I started early!

But I get so many sad faces. And reminders about work, family, all that. And of course, when I was a student, I was in the rare, privileged position of being single and living more or less alone and when I worked, it was only a few hours a week in the cafeteria and that was to have money to go to the movies and stuff. So I don't know if I'm just being unsympathetic.

I really really really don't want to sigh and go, "okay, they're due MONDAY then." I did that once before, when we had a snow day, but I made a Big Fat Deal about how I then expected them to be ERROR FREE. (I should not have to specify that, I really should not). I've budgeted Friday afternoon to grade them. Monday I have to write an exam and it's long-lab day and I have CWF in the evening, and and and.

But, augh. I hope the "intermittent network outages" are done with. Because then the people who do things at the last minute can get their resources from JSTOR tonight.

As I said elsewhere, it's too early in the semester for me to be this discouraged already.

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