Thursday, February 05, 2015

I dislike Thursdays

My longest teaching day this semester.

However, I will say - the class I blew up at (FSVO of "blowing up") last time? Was a lot better behaved. Not angels, and one student made a big huge whiny deal about the amount of material on the upcoming exam (suck it up, dude, this is the real life, it's not just fantasy)

I do fear that there may be a couple groups who wind up Sad because they didn't do the Thing I told them they MUST do before the next lab. Too bad, so sad, it says right on my syllabus I don't do make ups.

I hate being the harridan who provides people with a wake-up call about life, but golly day, I get so tired of people who seem to be able to slope through life and expect everyone else to take all the responsibility.

Oh, and both my student-athletes (in another class) handed their papers in EARLY because they're going to be gone Friday. That bodes well, I hope, and maybe it was just that one person who was freaking out over "But I can't get to the journal articles!"

I really need about eight hours solid with no responsibilities so I can knit or finish the quilt top in progress or SOMETHING. I'm getting really grumpy. Probably won't get it this weekend, though.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I tell my 10 y.o. to finish homework early. so far, a lost cause...