Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's "unknown precipitation"

No, seriously. That's what the NWS was saying a few moments ago. I assume that means some kind of freezing rain, where some of it's frozen, some of it isn't, the temperature is hovering around freezing, so....also, there is some weird layering of air temperatures going on right now, so that could be having an effect - really cold high up, cold near the surface, warmer in between.

They cancelled church for tomorrow - it's going to be too icy; the precipitation is accumulating on things and making a glaze of ice, and also, the minister can't get in from where he lives. Oh well.

I finished a cowl sort of thing and when I get the volition (and it's a little brighter out) I will photograph it. I'm also working on a quilt top this afternoon - plugged the new iron it. It seems to work well, though I have to be careful not to joggle the base, because there's JUST enough cord to stretch from the wall socket to where I have my ironing board* and I've already joggled it loose once.

(*Using an extension cord with a device that heats up is generally not a good idea. They did say a heavy-duty cord COULD be used - they say higher than 13 amps and I think the one or two I have MUST be smaller than that, most of the "little" cords like the ones I have are - most indoor cords are)

It has a base it sits on, so it's cordless - which makes it easier to navigate but you do need to periodically return it to the base so it can recharge its heat. (They also recommend unplugging the base when you are done using it, which I will do. I don't want to risk wrecking THIS iron, or worse.)

I also have plans for another project, perhaps for tomorrow - I found some PONIES fabric on my last trip to the JoAnn's and I am going to make myself a PONIES! pillowcase. I found a pattern that looks simple enough and all the seams are either encased or are French seams, which means no raveling and it's sturdier. (The pattern is called something like "burrito pillowcase," there are several versions out there - if this one comes out well I'll post a link to the instructions I used). I also think if I find making pillowcases off this pattern easy - well, that could be a future gift-thing; surely there is some kind of cute fabric my niece would like a pillowcase out of. Or even if a friend somewhere is having a rough time and is in need of cheering up....and there are also charities that take pillowcases, both foster-child groups (so the child has something that is "their very own") and groups helping the homeless and also kids facing medical maybe some of the fun fabrics I have stockpiled away could become pillowcases.

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Lydia said...

I use a surge protector to plug my iron into; it gets it a little longer length and means I can turn the protector off as well as unplugging the iron to satisfy the anxious part of my brain.