Friday, February 27, 2015

Well, that's sad

Bigger sad and littler sad:

Bigger sad: Leonard Nimoy has died. I know he was getting up there in years and had recently been unwell, but still, it's sad.

Everything I ever read about him told me he was a decent human being (on top of being famous) and we don't have enough decent human beings out there.

Another thing I read about him, years ago, and this always made me happy to think of it: He based the Vulcan salute (you know, the hand gesture) on an old Jewish priestly blessing.He had seen the blessing in a synagogue as a child and been impressed by it....

Littler sad: it's snowing heavily here. They closed campus at noon and the drive home was the scariest I've had recently - we have NO salt trucks and NO snow removal equipment, so whereever people had driven earlier, the ruts were turning to ice. I drove in low gear the whole way and even then I could feel the car wanting to slide a bit at stop signs. I had to say, "C'mon baby, you can do it!" as the car faltered a bit on an up incline (there is literally no way I could drive home that did not involve at least a slight incline). Luckily I made it and the car is now garaged but there is NO way I am getting out to the quilt store (and for all I know, they closed early today). MAYBE if we don't get the predicted bad weather tomorrow I will go. If Maybe I take part of my day-off-Wednesday and go? I suppose I could do that.

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Roger Owen Green said...

The running joke we in the north have about southern winter storms: How do you spell snow removal ,in Alabama (or Oklahoma, or wherever)?