Sunday, March 01, 2015

There's that point...

About 8:00 last night, I went from being mildly annoyed at being stuck in, to just hoping the power stays on. Cancelling church was a good idea - we got freezing rain that was somewhat unexpected (and really, uncalled-for) last night and everything's iced up.

I estimate there's an eighth of an inch of ice on the tree limbs. Not sure how much is enough to break limbs (I think it's quarter-inch). It's kind of drizzling right now and is right AT 32 F, so hopefully we won't get much more ice. It's supposed to get above freezing this afternoon, I hope it gets there long enough for the ice to melt off stuff. I'd like all of this to be gone by tomorrow morning.

The bad news? We might get another round of this - womp womp - on WEDNESDAY, which is the assessment testing day. This is no bueno for two reasons:

1. If it's bad enough to close school, they'll need to reschedule the testing, which will put all the faculty out for another day

2. I won't be able to get out to the quilt shop like I was planning. (Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if the universe is telling me YOU HAVE TOO MUCH DANG FABRIC ALREADY.)

I think I'll be doing another grocery run (sigh) Tuesday afternoon. Because of the predicted bad weather.

And now, on my church-less morning, I guess it's time to go practice piano. I don't have any hymns that are currently in the repertoire....but I am playing some Bach, and he wrote a lot of church music....


Totally unrelated to the above, but I've been re-watching some of the Ponies episodes (as they've been re-running them). And it strikes me, both the season 2 opener and the season 3 finale include the message that "friends are who remind you of your best self, of who you are." I like that sentiment.

There's even a catchy song about it. (Backstory, for non pony fans: the "cutie marks" are in some way indicative of the pony's role in the world (hah, their niche!). Something happened, as a result of a spell Twilight was trying to complete, switched all the friends' cutie marks around and they're now trying to do jobs they are monumentally unsuited for. And it is only with the help of their friends - Twilight is the one who figures this out - that they are able to realize who they are.)

I think this speaks to me because there are times I've wondered if I'm doing the "wrong" thing. I tend to be monumentally self-critical (probably no surprise to regular blog readers). That maybe there's something out there I'd be better at than teaching or biology or whatever. (Probably not, but of course you never know; that may have been why, when I had more available time I took classes in a bunch of different stuff - yoga and German and most recently the piano lessons - because I secretly believed, as I have for most of my life, that someday I'd try something and I'd INSTANTLY be so good at it and like it so well that I'd go "THIS. This is what I was meant to do." Of course it doesn't work that way, and there's only one person who ever walked this earth who got a dove descending from Heaven to tell him, "This is what you're supposed to be doing" but still I hope).

So I guess in my mind, "This is another way Ponyville is an idealized world" - you know what it is you're meant to do, and you don't wind up wondering after a bad day if you're just a flopper who is spectacularly ill-suited to what you are trying to do.

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