Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ten for Thursday

On Tuesday, I guess some bloggers did "ten guilty pleasures." I was involved with other things, so I didn't.

I also have to admit I don't like the idea of  "guilty" pleasures. No, large quantities of cupcakes are not that good for you. But in moderation, a cupcake now and then is fine and feeling guilty for eating it subtracts some of the pleasure (at least for me). And especially having ANOTHER PERSON tell you you should feel guilty....if someone did that to me I'd probably throw the cupcake at them and walk away, if I were in a particularly crabby mood.

But I do have my pleasures in life. And I need to try to spend more time enjoying them:

1. A warm bath with some kind of scented Epsom salts or a nice foamy liquid bath thing.

2. Mystery novels, especially Golden Age mystery novels. And also some of the "ordinary life in Britain between the wars (or before WWI)" novels.

3. Going to a craft store (whether a quilt shop, or a yarn shop, or a big-box type store like JoAnn's) and just looking at the stuff and maybe buying things for future projects....even if it turns out I never have time to get to those projects.

4. A good cup of tea

5. Being able to get into bed at an early hour and read a book until I want to go to sleep

6. Weekend days when I don't have to set my alarm and can sleep as long as I need.

7. Cake. Or cupcakes. Or something like creme brulee. I don't get them often. I wish I got them more often.

8. Pizza. I have to make my own because Sodium, but I can make good homemade pizza, I just need the time to do it.

9. Coming home on a night when I don't have evening meetings or work and I can just put my pajamas on early and relax.

10. Cartoons on television, and I haven't gotten to watch them enough lately.

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