Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gives you wings?

I finished the wings for Queen Chrysalis last night:


All that remains to do is the weird little crowny thing (IS it a crown? It looks kind of like peacock head-feathers....maybe it's an integral part of her and trying to remove it would hurt her?) and the face.

It amuses me ever so slightly that I am going to finish the being-that-feasts-on-love during Valentine's Day week.

(Another interesting thought....all the other powerful horses in the show are titled "Princess" - Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and so on....the only "queen" is a bad-guy. And the only "king" I remember hearing about - King Sombra - was a bad guy.

Now I wonder if Shining Armor has an official title. I guess he's a Prince now? Since he married a Princess? And as far as I can remember, the only other "Prince" we've seen was the self-absorbed Prince Blueblood, who disappointed Rarity at the Grand Galloping Gala by turning out to be a boor and not someone she would want to marry after all. So much so that she crushed the glass slipper she lost running down the stairs so he could not do a prince-finding-Cinderella thing on her.

Though I wonder what it says that the "good guys" are, by and large, Princesses (and one Prince) but the "bad guys" are queens and kings.)

ETA: On Ravelry, we all have "Ravatars" (Avatars for Ravelry, get it?). Some have a photo of themselves or their knitting, a lot of us have pop cultural things. I usually have some picture or other of Fluttershy (because: Best Pony) but I decided to do a new one for this week:

om nom nom.

Hah. That makes me laugh. Because the other day the store had the Peeps pink fake-strawberry flavored marshmallow hearts on sale and I bought a bunch, because I like Peeps (and I frankly kind of like the fake-strawberry flavor some candies use) and I especially enjoy RIPPING and TEARING little pink hearts with my teeth before I devour them (I started this years ago, when they first came out and I was also simultaneously a bit thwarted in love). And I thought, of course, that's what Chrysalis would do. So I found a little picture of her on Derpibooru.

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CGHill said...

Says the MLP wiki:

Lauren Faust commented that Princess Celestia was originally supposed to be Queen Celestia, the highest authority, with no parents who outrank her. Her status was changed to "princess" at Hasbro's request.

Elsewhere, on Faust's DeviantArt page:

I was told that because of Disney movies, girls assume that Queens are evil (although I only remember 1 evil queen) and Princesses are good. I was also told that the perceived youth of a Princess is preferable to consumers.

None of this exactly explains King Sombra -- if he ruled the Crystal Empire, wouldn't he have been an emperor? -- but it's all we have to go on.

In my fanfic, both Shining Armor and the earth pony who weds Twilight Sparkle carry the title of Prince, but neither one of them is inclined to use it.