Wednesday, February 11, 2015

some good things

* Came home to a phone call this afternoon. Titer says: IMMUNE! So I don't need to go and get re-vaxxed. And I don't need to worry about sick kids (Well, sick with measles, anyway) when I travel in about a month)

* Leaving-guy in Class2 didn't leave today so I guess he got my message.

* I bought myself a little Valentine's Day present. I figure, I don't have a sweetie to buy for (or one to buy for me), so....

v-day gifts

Well, technically, the Danica McKellar book was a "I had a crummy day and now I'm sad" self-consoling gift, but....

Yeah, I got myself an Applejack. I wanted one. I know people on EQD and elsewhere joke about her being a "background pony" (because there was comparatively little merch featuring her until recently, and one of her few "feature" episodes got her upstaged because Derpy Speaks!).

But you know, I like Applejack. If I were picking the personality traits of one of the Mane Six to be in a friend for me, I'd pick her. She seems like the most-grounded of all the Ponies: she's honest, and hardworking, and seems to be somewhat of a realist. As much as I like the other ponies, if their personalities were in a human being, I'd find problems with them. Fluttershy, as much as I think she is Best Pony, would frustrate me with her unwillingness to do a lot of things because she was afraid. And Rarity's drama-queening would get very old for me very fast. And Twilight, at least before her ascension to Princess, well, most of her bad personality traits - perfectionism, rule-following-to-a-fault- are my bad personality traits. And Pinkie Pie, as much as I love her, I can't imagine but that you'd be trying to share some deep and difficult thing going on in your life, and at the end, she'd tell you a knock-knock joke and offer you a piece of cake....and you'd feel like she hadn't really understood the problem. (Rainbow Dash - well, actually, in some ways she may be the second-most-grounded pony. Early on she came off as a brash and slightly jerkish athlete at times, but in later episodes she matured in to a more well-rounded character, and in "Hurricane Fluttershy" she shows a level of compassion tempered with tough-love that really pleases me).

But anyway, as I said, Applejack seems like the most-grounded and most-reasonable pony...the one who would listen to your problems (well, if she were working she might ask you to walk with her or even work alongside her, but she'd be listening the whole time) and then offer up some helpful advice, or at the very least say she was sorry for what you were going through (and probably throw in a "Sugarcube" in what she says)

So having a cuddly Applejack is nice. (Yes, she has no hat, but perhaps I can remedy that....I bet there's a pattern for a doll-sized crochet cowboy hat out there). Her hair and mane have sparkles on the plush. And I like her eyes....a lot of the toys, they seem to do a good job with the eyes, which is important to me.

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