Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You know what?

I'm taking this weekend OFF and going to do something. Even though Saturday is Valentine's Day, which means most restaurants will be annoying and impossible to get in to (perhaps even at lunch). But NEXT weekend is Honor's Day, so I'm busy all Saturday morning. The weekend after that is my birthday weekend, which I might take to go antiquing. (Or perhaps even to McKinney, if I can figure out a non-75 way to get to the old downtown area and back)

But I need some time off, and I need some time away.

I did make some decent progress on the ms. yesterday, wrote out an outline for re-doing the discussion so it's not so jumbled and stream-of-consciousness. (Maybe I need to explain that to my students....or better, give them the OLD discussion, the outline, and the new rewritten one for comparison, just to show how awful my writing can be without something forcing me into a structure. I think some of the students think those of us who do this as our gig are wonderful writers or are so much better at whatever than they are, when what's really more true is (a) we've been at it longer and (b) we're generally more willing to look at what we've done and go, "Ugh, that is not remotely good enough" and go back and redo it. And okay, (c) we have learned time management so as not to do stuff at the last minute, but.)

Not sure what I will do this Saturday but I need a fun Saturday, either antiquing or going to a real bookstore (there's one in Ardmore but that's still pretty far away) or something.

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