Monday, June 16, 2014

My midmorning break

* I can tell I'm tired and kind of shrecked-up; I made several mistakes, including a really boneheaded one I had to stop, go back, and correct on the board in class today. I don't work well when I haven't slept well.

* I woke myself up last night when I was nearly asleep because I kind of slammed my teeth together and I freaked out: "You're going to crack one of those crowns!" I've become very phobic about my teeth, to the point where I don't really eat nuts (other than pecans, which are soft) any more, and I bite very carefully on things. The phobia gets worse when I'm otherwise anxious about stuff.

* I guess I was more fearful about the fallout of the angry meeting than I needed to be; so far no news from anyone and that's a good thing. I don't deal well with angry people; my reaction to an angry person is to want to run away and hide, and I am not used to the concept of people getting angry at someone, blowing off steam, saying stuff, and then just being able to forget it. If I were yelling at someone these days it would be at the breaking point of our relationship, like when I was to the point where I felt I could no longer work with the person.That may be why I freaked out so much: I interpreted it as something more extreme than it was.

* I wore my St. Julian of Norwich pendant today. (The one that says "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well" on it). It helps a little.

* It doesn't help that the a/c in the teaching rooms is out. They're working on it, but still.

* In happier news: I have a new chair on the way. My nice old chair-and-a-half, the one with the floral upholstery, is shredding. The upholstery is dying but also the padding on it is going - I can tell it's got less support than it once had. So Saturday, again as a displacement behavior to stop me worrying, I went to a couple of the local furniture places. Place #1 just had the full-on recliners - you know, those aggressively ugly (IMHO) pieces of furniture that are kind of the orthopedic shoes of furniture. While there are situations I would not object to having one (if I developed some disability where I had to sleep kind of sitting up, or if I married a guy who had one....because I tend to be of the opinion that your spouse gets 1/2 the say in what goes in your shared house.) But seeing as the recliners at that store don't come with a loving husband, I didn't want one.

So I went to the other store. This is a fairly long-term well-established place (they are having  their 40th anniversary this month). They carry La-z-boy, which was a definite plus (That was the brand I wanted, both because they have a good reputation for being well made and ALSO because you can order whatever upholstery you want).

Yup. Found a really sweet "pushback recliner" just a little smaller than the current chair (so it will fit well in the space). It has no skirt under it so it will be easier to clean under. It actually looks kind of like This one (which is named "Charlotte," which I take as a good omen, seeing as both my grandmother was named, and my sister in law is named, Charlotte). I picked out a jacquard type fabric for it - similar in design to the fabric on my current chair, but a lot sturdier and a little bit more brown. (It still has burgundy and green highlights in it, it's just a darker color). I think it's the one they call "Garden," at least that looks like what I chose. (It's in the "G range" of fabrics, which the woman helping me said were some of their "Higher quality, but more expensive" fabrics. Well, I'd rather pay more if it means getting something better.)

I decided to go ahead and order it - it's funny, I'm really good (perhaps too good) at making snap decisions about this kind of thing, but then I agonize about smaller decisions.

I got about $150 off the price because it was their anniversary sale. All told, the chair was just about $600, which was less than I anticipated spending.

The chair is definitely going to be better than the one I have now - it has a lot better support and is more comfortable. (And will be better for my bum hip - you don't sink down into this chair). I could tell from the moment I sat down in it how worn the supports in the old chair had gotten. (I don't even think the existing chair has real springs; it was one of those pieces made more for looks than for sturdiness).

Interesting - now that I think of it, the original chair came out of a tax refund years ago (at least 13, because I was in the apartment when I bought it). And that's how I funded this one. But this is definitely a better-quality chair. (And it reclines. It's not a "recliner" like the giant tv-watching kind of recliner, but if you lean back on the back, it reclines and a legrest pops up).

It's supposed to come in about a month. They will deliver it. I didn't think to ask if they'd haul off the old chair, but if they won't, I can either put it out for Bulky Waste or take it to the dump myself. (It seems sad to me to send it to the dump, but it's really not in good enough shape that I'd want to pass it on to someone. And it's not well-made-enough to be worth reupholstering. I thought about that but as I said its support is nearly shot.)

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