Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Languages are interesting.

This has been making the rounds: Rarity whining in 13 different languages.

A couple of observations:

1. Of the ones I listened closely to, Swedish whining is equally annoying to English whining.
2. I was listening for the French one, as I kind of speak French. But I think they must give her a slightly atypical "accent," because I had some trouble understanding her (like "our" Rarity speaks with a Midatlantic accent, which I don't think is at all common any more among modern-day Americans). Or maybe she just spoke too fast for me.
3. Whining in Italian, like a lot of other things, sounds better to me than whining does in English.

ETA: And if you can possibly stand a 14th language, here's Japanese:

Actually, I wonder if the voice actors in other countries do attempt to copy/translate the vocal mannerisms of the ponies (Applejack's "ruralness," Fluttershy's quiet girly voice, Rarity's exaggerated way of speaking) into their own language; a lot of those Rarities sounded a lot to me like the Rarity I know.

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