Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's my Friday

And thank goodness for that. It was a busy week, this week. Monday I had a full day of classes (including lab), plus CWF in the evening. Tuesday I had classes and piano lesson. Yesterday, class, spending lots of time filling out the travel claim forms to try to get reimbursed from my travel grant for last week's trip, elders' and board meeting at church. Today, two classes plus a 4 1/2 hour lab.

Tomorrow, depending on the weather or how I feel, I might come in and work on a manuscript I'm beginning: writing up the soil invertebrate data I have thus far, looking for seasonal or weather-condition related trends in how numerous or diverse the samples were. (What I need to do first is analyze the data to be sure the "trends" I think I am seeing are statistically supported). If I don't come in tomorrow, I'll come in Saturday. I just have to see what I want to do. Also, we're supposed to get big storms today and at one point they said they'd carry over into tomorrow, and I figure if I have the option to take my "weekend at home" day when it's hailing, rather than driving my car over here and leaving it out in the open, that's preferable.

Oh. I do have to see about getting crickets, probably on Friday, for Monday's lab. I hope the local pet store, which looked like it was spiraling down its business, still sells them, otherwise that means either a flying trip to Sherman or using an inanimate object instead (I've used beans in the past; you can also use small rocks for this lab).

I do also need to make time for the June soil-invertebrate sampling, but I'm thinking next week for that, seeing as we got a truckload of rain just this morning, and within a couple days of a heavy rain is not such a good time to sample. (We also must have gotten some wind, even though I didn't really hear it - and I was up - because one of my neighbors lost a big chunk of their silver maple. Granted, silver maples have pretty weak wood and are prone to snapping off in the wind, but still. There were also some branches down on campus). Anyway, right now I'm just kind of tired; last week this time I was gearing up for the Pawhuska trip, this week I've mostly been away from home in the evenings, and I just need a weekend without thinking too much about things that can be logistically challenging.

Next week will be easier: no evening meetings (unless you count piano lesson at 5 pm on Tuesday).

I haven't got much knitting or anything much done this week. I pulled out the Hagrid sweater and added a couple rows one evening, and I started a new quilt top on Sunday, but other than that, it's just kind of been go, go, go. 

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