Tuesday, May 13, 2014

quick pony thing

Something that had been bugging me since this season's Flim and Flam episode: Silver Shill REMINDED me of another character from another show.

I figured it out this afternoon. He's Ol' Gil (Gil Gunderson) from The Simpsons. The voice is somewhat similar, the idea of him being this kind of downtrodden figure who works at a not-entirely-on-the-up-and-up job is similar...

of course, the difference between a cartoon nominally aimed at kids and one aimed at adults is that Silver Shill gets some sort of redemption, where he decides to stop lying, and we do see him (apparently) being successful, at the very end of the finale.

(Yes, the MLP wikia claims his voice is modeled on Jimmy Stewart but I really didn't hear it. He sounded a lot more like Ol' Gil to me.)

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