Wednesday, May 14, 2014

yay, good news

My friend who found a mass where no woman wants to find a mass?

It was a cyst. Oh, thank God. This is someone who's had her share of health challenges so I'm very glad to hear it's nothing major. I cheered sitting here at my computer, all by myself, when I read the e-mail.


And it sounds like my piano teacher is planning on continuing to give lessons; she was talking about a longer-term thing for me in terms of figuring out how to chord stuff, and change keys, and all of that.


I'm pretty much packed to go. Have to put my exercise shoes in the suitcase after the workout tomorrow, and have to put in the last minute stuff like make up and medicine (and, sigh, the blood-pressure monitor). I've got a bunch of projects ready to go, and I decided to take the Hagrid sweater and work on it (partly because the other sweater would require winding off a bunch more skeins and I didn't feel like that after winding off the few for socks and mitts)

So, let's see:
-Hagrid sweater
-new shawlette
-possibly Mizzle. I restarted it the other night and it looks like the color problem may resolve itself, or if it doesn't, it might be easier to overdye it with my mom there to help/guide.
-the Rarity Diamond socks
-plain yarn (the "Tiger Carla" yarn) for plain socks
-yarn for the Copper Penny socks from the Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns book
-Yarn for the Robin's Egg Mitts from Feathered Knits or whatever that book of birdthemed patterns is called
-yarn for another pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks

That should be plenty.

Oh, and the snowflake pillowcase set, in case I want to do some embroidery. (They didn't take up much room and are light)

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