Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And as promised

This is the finished quilt. It uses Kaufman Fabrics' line called "Architextures" (the line is over a year old so I suspect it's now out of print; lots of quilt fabric lines seem to only get printed for three months or so). The pattern is one of those "modern quilt" patterns called Traffic.

traffic quilt done

As I've said before, I like the "modern quilts" style of doing things, I like the fact that a whole group of people who might not quilt otherwise have taken up the hobby, I like how there are different fabric designs inspired by the movement....but I don't like the idea of "modern VERSUS traditional" that springs up in some circles. As I've said before, we don't need more crazy Jets. vs. Sharks rivalries in the world.

Most of the quilts I do these days are "modern" style because see lots of patterns for them I like. Or, I'm not mad about cutting 3200 half-square triangles or whatever it takes for a traditional Bear's Paw block quilt or something. Or I have a bunch of fabric I want to use and I want a quilt top that will be done in a couple weeks instead of a couple years. I love a lot of the traditional quilts but I'd never finish one of the more complex ones given how my schedule goes these days, and I need to finish something occasionally. And yes, the modern style patterns tend to be very simple but I like that; I like that some of the designs are about showcasing the fabric as much as the design. And I get that some art quilters or traditional quilters see that as an 'easy way out' or, worse, a 'lazy way out' but I don't know.I guess I worry too much about other people judging me harshly but that's just a character trait I have.

I will do traditional quilts occasionally. Or I'll do a more traditional design but use novelty or more graphic fabrics.

Here's a close up showing the binding. (And that I need to prune my crepe myrtle. That crepe myrtle doesn't see a lot of love; it came with the house and I generally tend to ignore it. That may be why it's so healthy.)

traffic close up

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Celeste said...

Your and my taste in colors are usually pretty far apart but I REALLY like this quilt. It looks cool and fresh and has a very pleasing, subtle energy.