Friday, March 14, 2014

on the upside

I may or may not have a tiny gig over break. If I responded fast enough and if they can get the materials out to me, a certain university press that I'll name after the work is completed will have hired me to review a textbook.

The pay? $250 cash OR $600 worth of their books. As this is one of the "big boys" and they have some VERY nice (and pricey) books, I'll be going for the books. (I'd never seen that before but it's a cool incentive for an academic - offer us books and we'll do a lot of things.)

For that matter, if I can't find $600 I want, I can ask the library here if they need anything and get it and donate it to them. (But I probably can.....and oh, I could probably order some ahead for gifts even, seeing as I come from a whole family of book-loving academics)

So, maybe not being able to go anywhere will pan out.

Paid in books. That's like a Twilight Sparkle kind of thing.

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