Friday, March 14, 2014

oh, forget it.

I'm done.

I'm just done.

So, I didn't make ANY plans over spring break, right? Didn't arrange to visit family, didn't even make plans to go have fun, to keep days open for going and meeting with this dude that my grad student needs to meet with. Because I had a small grant to do it.

Well, it turns out the dude in question isn't available next week. Like, at all. Because it's their burn season.

So we can't go. Well, we can, but not until early May probably.

It's way too late to make travel plans (and anyway, I have research to do that I put off). But, by golly, if I had known this a couple weeks ago? I would have MANAGED to do the research and then made plans to travel (except now it's too late - I'd have to get train tickets and I can't now, it's all full up, and anyway, I couldn't leave until later in the week and I'd only have a couple days like at Thanksgiving).

But, feh. This just makes me crazy. On top of everything else. On top of this awful, awful week.

So, I don't know. I don't know what "fun" I can find in this part of the world to do next week (Like I said: it sounds like McKinney would be a cluster right now, and anyway, I don't like going there on weekdays because of the insane traffic). Longview seems too far, especially because my friend I normally meet up with is a tax CPA so there's no way she'd have time, I'm not even gonna ask.

But, I'm just disappointed. Tired and disappointed and a wee little bit angry that plans weren't cemented earlier (it was not my call on the plans) so that I would have known.

So. Facehoof. Just, facehoof.

I'll probably feel better about this after I've had some time to rest and some time to myself, but right now I'm just nettled and annoyed and am in that poor-pitiful-me mode where I go, "I bust my hump ALL THE TIME and does anything ever work out? NOOOOOOO."


Charlotte said...

I'm not familiar with Oklahoma geography but are there any other towns/cities within a reasonable driving distance you could visit? Maybe go shopping or find a museum to visit. Or just have lunch out.

Lynn said...

Think of all the times there was too much to do and just enjoy the opportunity to do nothing. Sew, knit, read, prepare the flower beds for spring, or just watch garbage on TV.