Saturday, March 15, 2014

Interesting little thing

Sometimes you hear of strange things happening after someone has died. The family, on the way home from the funeral, see a flock of the person's favorite birds - which are uncommon in that area. Or something that had been lost turns up. Or (as happened to my dad) he and his brothers were cleaning out the attic of their parents' house, and it was close to my dad's birthday, and in a box WAY on the other side of the attic, a special wind-up music-box birthday cake plate played a few notes of the birthday song.

Almost a year ago, before she got sick, Chappy gave us all (all of us in CWF) a bookmark that had some messages about faith on it. I stuck mine in my Bible and eventually forgot about it.

Last night, when I came home - tired, glad the week was FINALLY over - I put my car in the garage and got out. And I happened to look down. And there was the bookmark, lying on the garage floor. It was pretty clean - I hadn't stepped on it or run it over with the car. It probably hadn't been there long, considering how good a shape it was in. At first I didn't realize what it was but when I bent down and picked it up, I thought, "Wait, that's the bookmark Chappy gave us."

And then I thought: maybe this is a sign.

Oh, I know, there's probably some naturalistic explanation for how it got there: after CWF Monday night, when I got out of the car with all kinds of stuff to carry, it fell out of my Bible and I didn't notice (then again: I carry all kinds of stuff in my Bible: other bookmarks for other passages, the past week's bulletin with its prayer list on it, notes of things I want to remember, and why didn't one of those fall out. And also, why wasn't it kind of beaten up after spending four days in the garage?).

So, as I said, I'm taking it as a sign or a message: that where Chappy is now, things are good (Well, one would EXPECT they are) and that it's okay for me to stop being sad.


I made a few plans for this week. Today, before the storms, I'm going to go antiquing and to the natural-foods store (I discovered that the canned sweet-potato puree (which is unsweetened: it's just plain sweet potatoes) is REALLY good, like good enough I'd eat it straight out of a can good, and I want to get more to have on the shelf for quick meals when I'm busy.

Monday is going to be more or less a personal day. I may go down to the computer store and kind of push them a little to find out when my computer is coming in.

Tuesday is supposed to be the best day of the week, weather wise, so I'm going to get the soil then. Also, I'm going to take part of a day and write an exam for next week so I won't have to rush it in the first part of the week. And I think I am going to take a day and go to Davis or Caddo or somewhere I really haven't been for shopping and just figure that even if there's not as much there as I expected to do, it's still okay.

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