Friday, March 14, 2014

Thank goodness it's....

Crikey. This has been a week.

Yesterday worked out to be a 13 hour day, if you include grading at home as work - some people probably would not, I suppose, because you're AT HOME, but still, doing something that's not your specific choice. And this is also why, as I said earlier this week, the myth of 80-hour weeks in academia need to end: too many work-days of 12 hours or more can seriously affect your well-being, and I can't believe there are that many borderline-sick or borderline-nutso academics out there who have been driven so by their workweeks. (An 80 hour workweek would be just over 11 hours per day, EVERY day of the week. No weekends, no Sabbath days. No one can do that for very long.)

Next week is spring break. I'm not going to visit family like I normally do because my graduate student and I need to take the trip we WERE going to take over mid-fall break, when the government was shut down and some of the people we needed to talk to were furloughed. I also need to get in my spring sampling of soil invertebrates: first it was too cold, then I was sick, then this week blew up in my I'll take half a day next week and do it.

I'm kind of unhappy about this weekend, though. Early on, I had plans to maybe go to McKinney. But, hey, guess what? The rain we haven't gotten for six weeks is apparently all going to come on Saturday! And there might even be tornadoes and severe thunderstorms! Yay! (Imagine here a picture of a weather system wearing Scumbag Steve's hat).

Yeah. Storms on the first day of spring break. Not cool. Not cool at all.

I'd go and do my grocery shopping this afternoon, except we have the last job-candidate in and then a 4 pm meeting (!) to try to decide whom to hire. So, yeah, grocery shopping will not happen today. (I had been thinking of going to the Green Market in Sherman....well, I'll have to watch the weather tomorrow.)

Also, I may not go to McKinney at all; one of the regular e-mails from one of the quilt shops alluded to construction in and around the square and about how they were still open even though streets were torn up. And parking is bad enough on any given day that I don't want to have to deal with no one being able to park on-street because all the streets are ripped up. (And the noise. And the dust.) I'm unhappy about that because I wanted to go, but I just don't feel like dealing with the mess. (I suppose I could go up to Davis for antiquing; there are no quilt shops there that I know of, but at least there are shops).

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