Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now, some knitting

Two knitted things for today.

First off: I finally finished a sock. (I just cast on for the second one last night, not very far on it yet). This is Cherry Tree Hill's handpainted striping yarn.

simple striped sock

I'm very fond of striped socks, and I'm also fond of this yarn: it's a merino yarn, so it's less stretchy (it almost feels cotton-ish) than typical wools, but it's also very soft - and knits up into a nice firm fabric. This yarn also has that great wool smell to it - I realize non-knitters, or people who don't craft with wool yarns might not "get" this, but I find that wool has a very comforting smell. Kind of a clean-animal smell - not quite like a cat that's enjoying good health and keeping itself clean, but close. It's a little bit dusty and "warm" smelling, with an undertone of lanolin.

I have a couple more skeins of this in different color combinations. (I might do a pair of simple fingerless mitts out of one). This particular color combination is called "Mountain Moss" (though some of the colors look more lichenish to me). I also have one called "Middle Earth" (mostly browns) and one that's various shades of burgundy and pink (That's the one that might become mitts).

Also, here's a picture of the Big Stupid Rectangle, which I've also taken to calling That Purple Thing, even though it's as much green as it is purple:

Big Stupid Rectangle aka The Purple Thing

You can see the randomly-scattered sequins on it (they are what is reflecting the camera flash).

Not much to say about it other than that it is dead easy, so it makes good invigilating knitting. (The yarn is a bit slippery, though - I've had to correct several dropped stitches along the way.)

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