Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In lab today...

One of my students is going to do some research involving soil, so she wanted to bring in her big tub of it to get it ready for setting up the experiment. (This is for the Independent Projects in my regular ecology class).

She came in, pushing the bucket of soil on the floor in front of her, left it just inside the door.

I said, "Let me put that in the prep room so someone doesn't overzealously "clean it up" and get rid of it."

She responded, "Let me get that, it's really heavy."

Just as she was saying "it's really heavy," I had picked up the bucket of soil (it probably weighed 35 pounds) and stood there, kind of blinking at her.

She quietly added, "....or maybe not."

I don't know. I guess for every time I've lamented not having the Delicate Flower physique (because the Delicate Flower physique looks better in those floaty little summer dresses than the Semi-Valkyrie physique does), there's been a time I could lift something heavy or do something strenuous that maybe I'd not be able to do if I were tinier. (I suppose also the hours of working out, using a workout that includes upper-body work, also pays off here).

I still confess there are times I wish I was built more like a Delicate Flower, though, even if it might compromise my field-worthiness.


Bob & Phyllis said...

heh. I'm with you on that. I had a tiny little thoroughbred of a southern mother, and I am build like a Clydesdale. *sigh*

It does help with the boxing training and martial arts. I usually get the ultimate compliment of "wow--you don't hit like a girl."

CGHill said...

I yield to no one in my admiration for floaty little summer dresses, but hey, it's February. Right now, sturdy is the way to be.

Spike said...

So in touch with the whole conflicted thing.

At a party, fella goes to pick up the half-empty beer cooler, loses his balance and tumbles. I go to get it, amid a chorus of "Oh! That's HEAVY!!!" and the only challenge is I'm wearing heels so my balance is wonky.

One hand: I am grateful for my functional strength. It comes in handy. I worked d-d hard for these muscles. I remember the first time I cleaned and jerked a hundred pounds -- a whole person!! Over my head!!!

Other hand: Wish I was more of a Delicate Flower for the pretty pretties that only look good on a narrow-shouldered, wasp-waisted syplh; for the envy and admiration that the DF's get.