Thursday, February 16, 2012

The muffin aquarelle?

Driving home from Wednesday night church stuff (the only people who showed up were the teachers - there are a lot of viruses going around the schools and at least two of the larger families that come had at least one sick kid), Delius' Aquarelle #1* came on the radio. (Sirus XM "Pops" channel - a popular-classics channel).

One thing about this piece, at least in some forms that are played (The first one I looked up on YouTube must have been a fragment of it; it didn't have the passage I'm thinking of), towards the end, there's a melody that ALWAYS makes me think of the old nursery song about the Muffin Man. (I think that's just me making a false-positive recognition of something that's not really there; I doubt Delius would write that into his piece.)

But then I grinned, thinking of "Do you know the Muffin Man," because it reminded me of one of my favorite little ponies. And this is where I kind of wish I had the talent to make the little online comic strips/cartoons like people on DeviantArt do: I'd draw her skipping (yes, ponies can skip, at least cartoon ponies can) through Ponyville. And she'd be singing, "Do you know the Muffinpony, the Muffinpony, the Muffinpony, who lives on Drury Lane?" And of course, in the last frame, she'd have to have arrived at Drury Lane, and be standing under a shop sign that is a big muffin, and she'd turn to the readers and grin at them. I have to say I prefer the silly, simple, sweet little bits of fanart to the angst-y or sad ones. I guess I generally feel that way about my entertainment: real life is challenging enough, so in my fantasy worlds I want the people who do good and are kind to others to be rewarded, I don't want to see innocents hurt, and I'd preferably like "and they lived (more or less) happily ever after" to be the ending of things.

 (*Hah. Sirius had it WRONG. It's Aquarelle #2 that they played, the one that sounds like the Muffin Man song to me:)

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Aquarelle #2: Muffinpony Boogaloo