Thursday, January 19, 2023

Week's almost over

 * I guess systematic botany went okay today. I realized mid morning I hadn't finished the powerpoint I planned to use so I had to quick stick the details of fruit-types in there (lab was a review of flower structure and fruit types). I also guess it was an OK choice and was not too basic; people seemed somewhat interested to cut the flowers up and to try to figure out the placentation of the seeds (in the fruits that HAD seeds; too many commercial fruits are seedless or all but seedless now). One student had never seen almonds in the shell (they are actually what we call a stone fruit or a drupe, similar to peaches and cherries, but you never see the fleshy outer layer in commercial ones). So I found a hammer in the prep room and cracked one to prove it was an almond.

(It's interesting to learn things that AREN'T universal experiences. In my family and also in families of friends I had growing up, it was a fairly common thing, especially around Christmas, to have a bowl of nuts-in-the-shell and a cracker out on a table somewhere, the idea was they were somewhat decorative but you could also eat them). And of course my mom being a botanist, I think maybe my brother and I learned more of "where your plant food comes from" than some kids - she had a huge garden and one year even grew peanuts (ill-suited to Ohio's climate) so we could the the hypogeous development of the nuts.

* At least tomorrow I have only one class, and the rest of the time I can spend on working. And Monday I don't have lab, so I can use that afternoon, because Tuesday....

* ...I have an evaluation appointment at the local physiotherapy place. I had mentioned to my doctor about how sometimes my right hip hurt, and it seemed like arthritis (worse after standing on hard floors a long time, worse after being immobile for a long time, improves with exercise) and that I wanted to see if there were some additional exercises I could do. I noted that I did NOT want it to progress to needing injections or surgery (but, if it came to it: I'd prefer the injections even though I hate needles). But I was concerned about the cost, and she said "if I refer you, insurance should pay; they would rather pay for physical therapy than for surgery, anyway."

So we'll see. I was told to wear "comfortable" clothes like stretchy pants, so I assume it's not just an evaluation of how I walk and stuff, I might actually get some advice on exercises. 

* But after today's long day, I came home to the sound of my furnace fan running but a 67 degree house (it was set at 72). So something was wrong. It was well after 5, so of course the HVAC place was closed for the day. I left a message, and contemplated if this rose to an emergency, because I DO tense up when I get cold and then I ache. 

So I called it. But didn't raise anyone. And then I remembered I had read that if the filter was dirty, that could mess things up. So I decided to try that even though I thought I had changed it right before leaving for Christmas (so only about a month).

Maybe I forgot? The filter I took out was filthy. So I put the new one in and hoped hard that was it - turned the furnace back on, the fan started, I heard the gas start up, heard it light and catch. Then a few moments later the blower came on. I couldn't tell at first but eventually I felt warmish air coming out of the vents.

It took a LONG time for it to budge off of 67 degrees, to the point where I was worried it WASN'T working and maybe the blower was broken. But then

Haha, nice.

Yes, I am immature.

But at least that was one thing that turned out a lot better than it could have. (And the emergency guy called back even though I didn't bother to leave a message. I told him what had transpired and he agreed, it was probably the filter)

* Sunday is a potluck at church. I'm going to get my mom's "Tex-Mex Torta" recipe (it's like a casserole with corn tortillas and ground beef and beans and corn and salsa). I think most people will like it. These days I find it best to take a main dish to things like this (even if I might WANT to make a dessert) because then I know there's at least one thing I can eat that has none of the stuff I have food intolerances to.

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Kelly Sedinger said...

Yup, modern furnaces will shut right off and not do anything if air flow is compromised *at all*. This makes for some very cold people in my neck of the woods when major snow storms bury the vents on the outsides of their houses....