Tuesday, January 31, 2023

still at home

 Today was probably the worst day of the cold; I felt very 'dried out' and I coughed a lot. I finally dragged out my humidifier (it's one of the warm mist ones that boils the water, which seems safer as regards the risk of bacterial contamination) and cleaned it out and set it up and that helps some.

I didn't do a lot; I went through a few more families from my book (I've almost taken notes on all the dicots I want to cover and the monocot group is smaller).  If classes wind up being cancelled Thursday (They might? We're supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow and the university is already closed for then) I will be a week ahead of where I thought I was. 

I didn't leave the house today except to get the mail. And even that was fraught - we had got sleet/graupel last night and I didn't think to scrape away what had accumulated in the afternoon yesterday and I couldn't get the storm door (which opens out) open and I was a bit unsure of what to do - do I go and try the side door, which is hard to get in and out of and is a longer walk in potentially slick conditions? Luckily, the man across the street was out walking his little dog and he saw me trying to force the door and he went and got a shovel and cleared enough stuff for me to be able to open the door, and then I got MY shovel (which I have sitting in the entryway now just in case) and cleared the rest of the porch off. 

If we get sleet tomorrow I need to remember to periodically scrape off the porch

I might not have bothered except (a) I think about "but you need to be able to get out if there were an Emergency" (though maybe I could bash the glass in the storm door out and crawl out) and (b) there was a knitting needle I ordered in the mail and very occasionally we have people prowling the neighborhood opening mailboxes to see what they can find, and the packaging the needle was in could have looked like jewelry or something, you know, actually valuable to a random person. 

But we're supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow, which I do not love - that is what takes down power lines. Also being stuck at home gets old really fast; I am having 2020 flashbacks today and I don't like that, and also flashbacks to "snowmageddon" of 2021. One thing the pandemic REALLY broke me of was being able to sit quietly alone for any length of time.

I really hope it warms up Thursday and we can have classes. Friday is supposed to be better. I hope the milk supply I have in the fridge holds out, AND ALSO I expect it to be hard to get much for a few days after this because of slowed supply chains so I may just have to plan on either doing without milk, or using some sketchier brand because that's all that's available. 

And I hope this is the end of the bad winter weather. I don't mind a little snow so much - especially not if the ground/streets are warm enough it doesn't stick, but the risk of losing power and also me looking at the food supplies I have and going "well, can't make that because I don't have that particular fresh ingredient, can't make chili 'cos I have no meat on hand, don't have enough eggs for an omelet...." it gets a little worrisome.

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