Monday, January 23, 2023

A finished vest

 The pictures are not *great,* eventually I have to figure out some kind of tripod to use the timer on my camera because my arms are not long enough to take "selfies" with.

But one thing I finished over break - the biggest thing - was the Pocketses vest. I had most of the knitting done - both fronts and the back - and I just had to sew it up, do the button bands and the pockets. So I took it with me with the goal of finishing it up. It didn't take long, I just had to settle down to it.

I did even have the buttons for it, so I didn't have to buy anything more.

The yarn is KnitPicks' "Provincial Tweed" in the color called "Jam." As I remember, I bought four skeins and wound up with the better part of two left over (Or was it five? But then, I didn't have many joins at all in the body, which tells me maybe I got the back from a single skein and both fronts from another)

See? Hard to photograph on because I have short arms.

not a great angle, and it's blurry, but you can see the little pockets there.



 Here's a better view of the pocket.

I think I made this a size smaller than the first one I made - it fits better but the buttons don't come out so widely spaced. (I may have to move the top one of the purely-decorative ones - it looks a little too close to the center line compared to the others.)

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Very nice! - Grace