Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Some good news

 1. I finished the birthday socks for my mom

Her birthday is Monday, so I got them done in good time.

2. I had my first well-woman checkup in three years. Back before I came up here, back before I traced my abdominal issues to the carrot based food coloring, I was afraid something was wrong with my reproductive system but on the basis of today’s exam (and the fact that the pain was totally gone), nothing’s wrong with me.

3. The bubble tea place I like up here is still successful and apparently opened another outlet. This is a Thai iced tea, I understand the vivid color is from turmeric 


Anonymous said...

Glad all is well! I have terrible anxiety around medical issues (or imagined medical issues). It’s such a relief when you find out you’re fine! — Grace

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm writing a health report. I'm fine, except for the parts I'm not.