Tuesday, May 03, 2022

digging stuff out

 (The only updates on the other issue I have is I'm still waiting to find out what antibiotic- if any - they deem best, and also that Azo is a good product, it does what it says it does. Well, also drinking LOTS of water helps, and I did buy a small quantity of blue-flavored* Gatorade to change up with the water and also in case I was in danger of diluting my electrolytes enough.)

(*it's supposed to be "berry" but it doesn't taste like any berry I know - sort of vaguely sweet and vaguely fruit but not recognizably citrus or pineapple or anything like that)

I have done a bit more sorting, and found two unfinished projects I pulled back out with the idea of maybe finishing them some time

This purple thing is made in Turkish stitch, which I will have to look up again but I think it's just k1, yo every row

This is some random big-box craft store yarn, but it does have sequins (which don't really show up.) It's kind of between a scarf and shawl in width.

And I know I started this years and years ago, back when people were knitting for a program called Red Scarf Project:

Red Scarf Project was a charity; it gave hand knitted scarves to kids at college who had been through the foster-care system, as part of a care package. I don't even know if the program is still operating. The pattern used here is one of Catherine Wingate's Ruggles' reversible scarves. 

Again, I think I'll finish it. If Red Scarf still exists I might send it off there, if not, I may be able to find another place. 

But the thing I'm working most actively on now are these:


I'm trying to finish them for my mom's birthday - I just pulled out a random ball of self-patterning yarn in colors she often wears and started a simple pair of socks. I hope I can get them done - I have more time this week (exams are done for me) and a couple days next week before I leave.

The yarn is a Regia "Arne and Carlos" faux-Scandinavian patter from a few years back.

They're good because they're simple. I felt REALLY lousy yesterday evening, didn't feel good today (managed to give my exams anyway). I finally started feeling better midafternoon today, I suppose the Azo needed time to work. Also I probably hadn't been drinking enough water today - and that may have been what got me into this trouble in the first place. (I also wonder if these things can heighten anxiety in people prone to it; I know I had several spans of an hour or two during this where my anxiety was TERRIBLE and I kept ruminating on "what if something is very wrong with you and you need surgery or worse?" (I don't think that - I mean, I guess it's not impossible - but given how much better I feel this evening I suspect this was just a run of the mill infection)

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