Thursday, April 28, 2022

working on sleeves

 These days, my most active knitting has actually been invigiliating exams (I gave 3 in the past week). I finished the body (up to where the sleeves go on) of "A Cardigan for John) so I've been working on the sleeves. I have the first sleeve more than half done:

They have a garter-stitch panel that runs up the outside of the sleeve, up to the shoulders. It mirrors the side panels of garter stitch. 

This is a raglan sweater - my favorite design because you make them all in one piece and then knit the sleeves on to the body - minimal sewing, which is harder on a knitted garment.

Also, one silly thing I ordered for myself. Aurora now makes a few stuffed animals (as you will see, they are small) that have lenticular panels in their eyes, so they will switch expression depending on the angle you are holding them that. Lenticular things are interesting; I also remember there were storybooks when I was a child that had "3-D pictures" on the cover that had a sort of lenticular effect (Rose Art Studio published them but the only pictures I can find online are on Pinterest, bleah).

I've also seen designs that gave a rudimentary animation effect, like the Muybridge running horse. 

Anyway, she has two expressions depending on the angle you hold her at. Otherwise, she's a very simple stuffed animal and not all that "anatomical" for an animal based on a horse (more teddy-bear shaped than anything)

And if I can get this to upload right, a little video

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