Thursday, January 07, 2021

And seen elsewhere

 I can't with National Events right now, so here, have some links to stuff I found interesting.

At Christ and Pop Culture: "How Muppet Christmas Carol forces us to confront our mortality"


Knitting patterns where you pay by making a donation


All the piano chords in David Bowie's "Changes" (which is a surprisingly complex progression)  (video)

I probably need to issue a content warning for animal death and abuse, but Loving Reaper is a striking series of webcomics. I cried a lot at a couple of them and yet....somehow, yes, it is a LOVING Reaper.


Free online pattern for a Flying Squirrel softie 

If you want a bigger and more-mythological toy, here's a Loch Ness Monster tutorial.

Unusual fine-art and academic-materials prints that can be mail-ordered from Public Domain Review

Also from PDR: the natural sources of many pigments



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Roger Owen Green said...

BOWIE! The Muppets!