Monday, December 21, 2020

lit my candles

 And a fervent hope that the darkness will recede, and the light will overcome it

I've had those little copper tealight holders for years and years; they were a long ago Christmas gift from my dad (which yes, made me just a tiny bit weepy again when I got them out)

In a bit, once it gets a little darker, I will go out and see if I can see The Great Conjunction. If I were more comfortable driving after dark I might go to a more-isolated area (away from light) to see it, but I'm not, so I'm hoping to see it from my yard.

And my second amaryllis is blooming

The first one has another bud but it looks less full than the first one was. And the third amaryllis, which is supposed to be pink, is still producing its bud.

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Roger Owen Green said...

here comes the sun. The days are getting longer, imperceptibly at first...
I love candles, but not as much as my daughter does