Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Some ongoing projects

 For knitting, I've mostly been working on the fluffy sweater.

I'm still not convinced it will fit but the yarn was inexpensive enough and if it doesn't fit me, I might be able to find someone it will fit. (Eventually you divide for the sleeves, this is knit from the neck down. I think I've only done one other sweater like this - I do have a number of cardigan patterns knit from the bottom up in one piece, but not many top-down sweaters, or at least not yet)

I'm about half through the increase section of the yoke. 

Also, here are the new quilt blocks:

The pattern is called "Chandelier," it's from the book called Charm School - they are sort of like Puss in the Corner, except without two of the corners, and they will be set on point like this

This one should go together pretty quickly. I am cutting the pink strips into the smaller pieces needed bit by bit (you cut 2 1/2" strips from the full width of the fabric and then subcut into 5" and 7" strips) so I don't burn out on cutting before I can sew - but it does seem like I've got quite a few blocks already. 

I also got a packet of new-to-me-but-vintage Barbie dresses, bought from an Etsy seller:

I'm betting this is from the 1980s, probably the late 80s, based on the color and the fact that it's drpped waist. I put it on Gabby; she looks cute in most things.

Olivia tends to have a more sophisticated style, so she's in the dark blue maxidress that COULD have been from the 1970s:

And there was an interesting little corduroy suit (sleeveless dress and jacket) that seemed to suit Sam, whose style seems a bit more tailored:

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