Thursday, July 30, 2020

it's getting there

I've been working on the Hygge blanket. (This was a Red Heart yarn - it's kind of a fluffy, fuzzy acrylic - that came out when the idea of hygge was hot - I think I bought it in late fall 2018). It's a big, loosely cabled blanket.

It was one of those cases where I saw the yarn and kind of went "want" (this was a yarn from JoAnn's. It' a while before I experience that again). And I saw the pattern on the ball band and thought, "Eh, I could use another fancy blanket"

I've been working on it since early 2019, put it away last summer and kind of forgot it.

I will say, in this climate and with the few bugs that I can't keep out of the house no matter how hard I try (not that I have been trying EXTRA hard right now, cleaning seems to have fallen to the bottom of my to-do list), I get silverfish and the occasional carpet beetle and so sometimes a woolen yarn doesn't survive so well. But none of those things eat what is fundamentally plastic, so.....I've kind of come around to a more positive view of synthetic yarns, at least for home goods, in recent years.

I'm about 2 1/2 repeats (plus a border) from finishing it. I made a few minor mistakes but they're aesthetic more than structural so I am trying not to worry about them.

It'll be nice to have something else finished, and to free up the row-counter I had been using here for another project. I have a skein of Mineville dk weight yarn in a colorway called Gumdrops that I want to turn into a cowl, and for some reason I feel in a cowl-knitting mood, so that might be the next thing I start.

It's also possible the cowl pattern I chose (a Casapinka pattern from one of her e-books, it's a slipped-stitch cowl) will be simple enough I can knit on it while watching the many videos that I probably should on "Best Practices" in Zoom and BlackBoard, and that may be a chunk of my Friday.

Saturday - the weather is supposed to be good then but tomorrow morning might be rainy - I still plan to go out to the Equestrian Area near Platter to go for a walk/hike for a while. If it's really nice I might stay out there a a couple hours; there are lots of little side trails.

(Today was not a good day, too many things reminding me of all the extra duties and worries in the coming fall, and I got my first "oh hai, I see you are doing your lectures in your big class online, does that mean I can change my work schedule so I don't have to be "there" for the lectures" request and nope, if we do these asynchronously there is more paperwork on my part and maybe an additional charge for the students, so I am doing "synchronous but don't tell anyone, I am recording them so that if you have technical troubles you can watch them later" because Internet in this part of the world goes down from time to time (it has happened to me with some regularity this summer). But nope, I am not doing the "asynchronous everything" because that requires, as I said, more paperwork and some additional training/certification. This is not true online; it is "emergency remote" teaching instead.

Still, I have anxiety about this fall.

And we're getting storms tonight. I should probably wind off the yarn for the cowl (so I will have it ready to work on tomorrow if I want to) and then maybe just go to bed a little early and maybe read the Asterix and Obelix omnibus I bought a little while back (and probably will buy the rest as they come out - I have volumes 1 and 2, and I know for sure a 3 and 4 are coming.....)

I slept badly last night, lots of sad thoughts about dire things kept me from falling asleep and so something funny and clever and very different from my daily life might help.

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