Friday, April 05, 2019

a decision made

So midafternoon, working on typing up the AAUW minutes, I realized I wasn't gonna make it through re-evaluating the candidates today. And later, I mentioned it to a colleague - in fact, the head of the committee - and said "I don't know whether to come in tomorrow, or to use my three hours* of office hours Monday

(*And yeah, given the mess-up with the exam: no need to prepare for any lecture that day. [And yes, I have the CORRECT exam, CORRECTLY copied, and sitting in my office]. All I have to do is a quick set-up for the afternoon lab, but I could even do that right after my morning class)

And he laughed, and said "Yeah, if it were me? I'd wait until Monday."

And you know? This is someone slightly-senior to me, AND he is the committee chair, AND he gets a lot of stuff done otherwise. So if he isn't pushing for me to come on on Saturday and work...maybe not.

(And as for the research stuff I wanted to do - well, the manuscript deadline for the journal is in June, but the editor also noted that she could work with us if it needed to be later. SO yeah)
I graded the soils exams today, and typed up the minutes, and did a few other things, and wrote out a to-do list for next week so nothing will catch me up short. And when I came home, I cleaned house a little, had  piano lesson, mowed the yard (and edged, until I ran out of trimmer line, and I was NOT driving out to Lowe's at 7 pm for more, could get that tomorrow). It's supposed to storm tomorrow, so I had to mow today (both my neighbors mowed so my yard was the worst on the block until I took care of it.)

And given that I nearly melted down in front of the class today, and given that last weekend was divided up between work and a meeting that I had SERIOUSLY dreaded (and then was not so dreadful), I think I need a mental-health day.

Yes, Saturdays can count. Shut up.

So my plans right now: Stay up as late as I feel like (probably not much past 10) watching either DuckTales (they seem to be doing a marathon, but most of the episodes are ones I've seen several times) or Parks and Recreation, and knit, and then sleep in tomorrow. Go to both grocery stores (Pruett's for meat and produce, Wal-mart for some of the staples they still have that are cheaper and also maybe - since I dumped the Lenten Austerity Measure - swing by the toy aisles to see if there are any new Barbie outfits I might want or if nothing else, to LOOK). Maybe cook myself some nice food. (Pruett's had some good looking short ribs last I was in there, but the sell by date was fast enough that I knew I'd not get to them at their freshest). Maybe make baked beans? I don't know.

Maybe knit some and find something nice to watch. Or maybe work on a quilt top. I haven't done much of anything hobbywise lately and I think it's badly affecting me. And also I get peopled-out during the week and need to be alone.

And also just enjoy being home, in a moderately-clean house, and enjoy looking at my various things - the couple of Ponies I have lined up on the piano lid (I rotate them, picking 3-5 from the collection on top of the bookshelves, to get a special display. Right now the theme is "unicorns" including Twist and Powder, and the re-issued Moondancer I bought a while back.

And this:

Wow. So terrarium

Yeah, that's the Shiba Inu "terrarium" from the latest Gachapon crate. They did different seasons; I got Winter. I think it's pretty cute. I FINALLY got the shibe and the snowman to stay upright even when I closed the lid; I'm sure they'll fall over eventually and I'll have to right them. (I need to get a little bit of that wax stuff that sometimes people use in dollhouses to hold stuff in position so it doesn't fall all over the place)

This is one of the favorite things of mine that's come in these crates.

I miss being home when I'm not home very much. Next week will be another week like that: Bell Choir and CWF on Monday, board meeting Wednesday, and Thursday is the children's play. (And Friday is piano; my teacher was busy Thursday again which was just as well).

I tell myself when summer comes, and AAUW and CWF are both on hiatus (and apparently Bell Choir will be as well), I'll miss them would be nice to have more just-evenings-at-home right now when I'm teaching three labs a week (labs take it out of you, I tell you what).

I've also kinda-sorta promised myself that Easter weekend - either Good Friday (if stuff is open*) or Saturday, I might go to Sherman and maybe go antiquing or something.

(*It probably will be. The flavors of Protestantism most common here are not big on fasting on Good Friday and the like. (And interesting: my mom notes that my grandmother was not very "High Church" at all, but one ritual she always did? No meat on Good Friday.)

I just kind of let work run away with me this semester. Part of it is, yeah, serving on a search committee, while it's important (and given that it's either 10 or 15 more years until I retire - depending on how I feel about things - this hire will likely be someone I have to work alongside of for a good long time, so it's important we get someone good.)

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