Friday, March 15, 2019

Here I go

My train is now slightly delayed (1/2 hour) but it might pick up some time (or might get later, who knows).

I need to leave shortly - have to gas up the car first. I think I've done everything and packed everything I need....turned off the range from the breaker (in an excess of caution) made sure stuff like the toaster are unplugged. Have a light set on a timer. Have the plants on an automatic waterer, took out the trash, including a few food-items that won't make it the rest of the week. Mail is being held (I did the online form for the first time ever, and to my delight, it worked, this will save me a lot of trouble in the future).

As I said in the previous post....I have the things I need (really, what I NEED to travel: my ticket, my medication, a change of clothes, a toothbrush) and the things I want (books to read, knitting to do, extra clothes, my make-up, and the stuffed animals. Oh, and a little blanket that folds up in case it is cold on the train)

I hope to be back on Saturday the 23rd, but in the spring there are, at times, hiccups in travel....I remember one year we got bused because of flooding, and I am hoping the weather clears out so that is not a risk again.

Be well, all. I feel like I need to offer that little prayer these days; far far too many funerals at church recently. I hope I come back to everyone being fine and happy.

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