Saturday, December 09, 2006

Three links. Two Christmas (one a bit somber, the other silly but wonderful) and one socks.

First off - the more somber Christmas link: the 1914 Christmas truce. In WWI, on Christmas Eve 1914, German and British forces near Ypres basically decided that they were not going to fight on Christmas. So they started singing carols. And apparently had a game of soccer. And took time to bury the dead.

The Wikipedia article remarks, "The Christmas Truce has often been characterized as the last "twitch" of the nineteenth century: the last moment when, in war, two sides would meet each other in proper and mutual respect; when they would greet each other with kindness to show that — in spite of the horrible turn of events that had unfolded — they were still honorable and respectful soldiers of war."

And I realize these are very different times and very different concerns now. But I still think: there would be a certain honor in refusing to take part in hostilities on the holy day of the predominant religion of either side.

But whatever. I need to present some kind of short program for the dinner tomorrow night and it was down to the Christmas truce or a little bit on "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and Schulz' attitudes and all that, and, well, the Charlie Brown thing feels a little too frivolous.

And speaking of frivolous.

I have seen this many times, but it never fails to make me laugh with delight. It is the infamous crazy sychronized-light Christmas house. I wish the video were not so grainy (pixelly? I guess it's really not correct to refer to video as being "grainy" since it's not technically film). But still. It delights me that someone would take time to do this and I tend to feel like the people who say things like "sux to be their neighbors" are just being wet blankets.

I don't know. There's something I want to say that's very deep and meaningful about the idea of reconciling all the crazy, lit-up, fun, silly, loud things of Christmas with the more solemn religious celebration, but I'm still thinking about it. Maybe later.

And the sock link! I found another pretty lace sock pattern online. Razor Shell Socks from MimKnits. Free to download as a .pdf. I have some pretty self-striping pink and burgundy cotton-wool blend (I think it's a Trekking yarn but I don't remember for sure) that I think I will use for these).

And I am Very Nearly Done with the Barley Sugar Column Cabled socks. Look for a pattern Monday.

(And Lydia - no hurry but - when you have time, I'd like info on what format would work best for you if you'd like to host the pattern in a more single page/printable format).

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dragon knitter said...

the closest i can come to any kind of reconcilliation between loud & proud, and solemn and sober is this: have you ever been to a black church? the kind that sing & dance, and shout? or the feast days that are still highly celebrated in latin american countries? i seem to recall a verse about making a loud noise in praise.

the lights and "wild" music are part of that "loud noise" to me. my favorite christmas cds are that way. Transiberian Orchestra. The Bells of Dublin. (st stephen's day murders is an absolute RIOT!). even the crazy stuff like "grandma got run over by a reindeer."

and then there's the quiet ones. Silent Night. O Little Town of Bethlehem. What Child is This. i love those as well. something so simple and pure, and hearing voices raised in praise (i'm a soprano, and these are the only songs i get to really use that voice).

praises, indeed