Wednesday, December 30, 2020

the day off

 I decided since it was cold and rainy out to take today off from working. And not even my super diligent chair was in Monday or Tuesday, so it's probably OK to. 

I didn't do much, a little piano practice, a workout, hung out online, worked on the ongoing socks. 

I plan to take tomorrow off, too. I might make deviled eggs to go with the fancy cheese and antipasto things I have (appetizer dinner). New Year's Day will be smoked sausage and sauerkraut, which I am deeming "close enough to pork and cabbage" (one of the good-luck foods for New Year's. I couldn't find fresh black eyed peas even though those are more traditional here so I won't do those. 

I figure, whatever luck a person can grab on to.

I also have a bottle of Martinelli's sparkling cider, which I am happy I was able to score - this used to be the typical at new year's eves at my parents' house because I didn't drink and in later years my dad had to avoid all alcohol (even a glass of sparkling wine) because of the meds he was on. 

It's okay. I don't ever do anything for new year's eve anyway - I never wanted to go out to bars or parties, being either ignored or macked on by drunk guys (You don't tend to meet nice guys at things like that).

New Year's Day, some years, I went out to a fabric sale (That won't be happening); other years I watched the Rose Parade (oh....maybe it's cancelled this year? I hope not, I hope they can do a "distanced" version of sorts)

(Poo: it's been cancelled. Okay, maybe I find an old movie or something. Please come through, TCM....)

Also thinking of working on a quilt top; there's an old superstition saying that you should work a little bit on things you want to do in the New Year on New Year's Day. And it'll be something different. 

Not making any resolutions. I usually don't anyway but this year I feel like it's the world or society that should be working to change itself for the better rather than me forcing myself to do 300 minutes of exercise per week or eat eighteen servings of vegetables per day.

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Roger Owen Green said...

I LOVE deviled eggs. It's a hell of a good treat to end the year on.