Thursday, November 26, 2020

A small offer

 I do this every year and I get a few takers, so I'll do it again:

If you - or a loved one who would like getting a greeting card from some random internet stranger* - would like a Christmas card, e-mail me with the address. I have a number of Snoopy cards and I think I will have a few of the Nativity scene cards I bought to send to my AAUW group (since we can't have Christmas party in person) left. 

Or, if you don't celebrate Christmas but would just like a random "we nearly survived 2020" type card, or a card where I write in a solstice greeting (or Hanukkah greeting; not sure when that is but I'm sure it's soon if not now), let me know, because I have blank cards and a few Totoro cards. 

(*And I will be nice. I will write a friendly greeting even to people I don't "know." You know me; I don't troll people with unpleasant things). 

I even have, I think, three uncommitted International stamps (I have a friend in the UK I will be sending a card to, better get that out soon) so if you or your loved one lives overseas, I could do a limited number of those. It will probably be one of the plainer cards (either the Snoopy one or a plain card) because of the weight - the fancier cards I have are heavier.

For close loved ones, I got some really nice BIG Peanuts ones that unfold out into kind of a banner. I am going to send one  to my mom, and one to my brother, and probably to each of the uncles, and to a good friend of the family who has helped my mom during this year and who is herself a single woman trying to navigate this pandemic world alone (though she has a cat)

I like sending cards - and I have a LOT of stamps and address stickers. 

That may be my Sunday afternoon thing - addressing some of the cards (especially the one that goes to the UK) and thinking about getting those out. I also have a few postcards if you would prefer a postcard to a full fledged card, but those won't be Christmas.

They will also be be-stickered, because I have many stickers. (And let me know if you have a child who likes stickers; I could slip in a few strips of my Mrs. Grossman's surplus)

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