Thursday, October 29, 2020

Proof of concept

I thought a while back that since it looked like we'd still be in person on Hallowe'en (and I was right), I should dress up (Well, the day before - which is tomorrow). I thought "what fun costume would work with a mask?"

and then I realized: white N95 mask, draw a nose and whiskers on it, be Hello Kitty.

But I needed ears and a bow, and the right clothes. 

Well, HK usually wears a red jumper dress (or red overalls) and I don't have anything like that, but I do have a green jumper dress...and she is sometimes shown in other things. But I needed ears and a bow, and maybe a "hello my name is" take I could put KITTY on to complete the joke.

The ears were an Amazon purchase as were the tags; the bow is felt that I had on hand clipped into my hair with bobby pins.


I will wear a light colored blouse with the jumper tomorrow (normally HK wears either a white or a striped top) but I wanted to be sure to try the jumper on to be sure it still fit (it's a few years old and I've gotten bigger on top during the lockdown - gained weight, but mainly in one - well, two - places)

 So I tried it out, and figured, heck, grab some quick photos:


I'm fairly happy with it; the ears aren't perfect and I keep thinking they look more like kangaroo ears to me, and it's hard to get the nose right (the first mask I got it way too low and even this isn't perfect). But it's a quick and fairly cheap costume (about $10 for the ears and another buck for the sticker, and the rest I had on hand). And it'll be worth it if it amuses at least one of the students. 

(I MAY be making a quick JoAnn's/grocery store run on Saturday - Grayson County actually has a lower caseload than we do - and I might just wear this. Again, if it amuses people it will be worth it. And I need to wear the mask anyway)



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Roger Owen Green said...

very cute. not very scary, though.