Sunday, September 13, 2020

for future reference

 I am just dropping this here for my own perusal later on (I have to get out and mow the lawn, and I want to try to finish the manta ray today) but as part of a convo on Twitter someone produced this link and it looks like a whole wild story and I want to read it, but it's long and I don't want to take the time now:

the wild plan to introduce hippos to the Mississippi


They were to be raised for MEAT. There was a reference in the story to "lake cow bacon," which is partly what makes me want to read it, but also, the whole "rewilding" idea (in a different form, the animals were not to be eaten except maybe for Indigenous people who chose to go back to pre-European lifeways) is something that's been floating around in ecological circles for at least 30 years....this is a whole other take on it. (Also at one time camels were re-introduced to be used by the Army as beasts of burden, but I don't think that went very well....)

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